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Office cleaning

A clean and fresh environment will allow your employees to better focus on work. There is nothing worse than a desk with dirty carpet or floor or dusty desks, keyboards and monitors.

Office cleaning

  • Economy: It is much more advantageous to have a contract with us in which we will issue you an invoice that you can deduct than to pay an employee for these services.
  • Productivity: our ecological cleaning company has much better efficiency, cleanses and sanitizes much faster than an employee who works at the "time lapse"
  • Extended program: we can provide our cleaning services before the start of the program or after its completion.
  • Efficient and professionalism: we offer the highest quality ecological cleaning services, our staff is carefully chosen, has a training period, is checked the record and is insured.

Daily operations:

  • emptying garbage baskets office area, toilets and kitchen
  • cleaning with wet cloth work surfaces and storage spaces
  • wipe / dry wipe phones, lamps and IT cables
  • dry cleaning monitors, computer units and keyboards
  • removal of fingerprints from glass partitions
  • cleaning with wet cloth switches and door handles
  • carpet suction
  • cleaning and disinfecting toilets
  • cleaning and disinfecting sinks and batteries toilet sinks
  • cleaning countertops and mirrors toilets
  • cleaning with damp cloth switches and door handles
  • kitchen dishwasher
  • cleaning kitchen countertop and wood surfaces
  • Tile cleaning in the kitchen sink area
  • Kitchen mop floor cleaning
  • cleaning with wet cloth kitchen furniture
  • cleaning with wet cloth switches and door handles

Weekly operations:

  • cleaning with wet cloth in all the document cabinets
  • wipe with wet cloth feet furniture
  • dry erase photo frames / posters
  • cleaning with wet cloth window seals
  • washing wall tiles toilets
  • wipe with wet cloth surfaces doors offices and toilets
  • suction surfaces of suspended cabinets
  • washing refrigerator
  • cleaned outdoor terrace

Monthly operations:

  • cleaning and disinfecting partition windows
  • cleaning and disinfecting the interior glass windows
  • kitchen floor cleaning and disinfection
  • furniture cleaning and disinfection
  • cleaning and disinfecting bathrooms
  • cleaning and disinfecting doors

Bi-annual operations:

  • carpet cleaning with monotherapy.

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100% satisfaction

The cleaning services offered by our company support the clients, having a variety of advantages, including significant cost reduction, professional surface processing and permanent support to solve all customer requests.

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Each employee is:
  • Experienced and qualified
  • Selected by the territorial manager
  • Honest and hardworking
  • Professional
  • Equipped with professional equipment suitable for any situation

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